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Guided step-by-step instructions to set up Tivo and activating it to watch it on TV.

Install Tivo


  • Tivo setup is easy. Just connect the source to TV and home network. Here source means cable connection or Antenna.
  • You can connect the Tivo with the Phone line if you do not have a home network.
  • So three connection here matters are with which you will install Tivo.
  • First with Tv, second Programming source ( cable or antenna), and home network or phone line.

Once you plug it in and follow the Tivo setup instructions carefully.

When the first time you are doing the Tivo setup, it will enter into guided instructional setup automatically.

Here are the instructions to do Tivo setup:

Tivo setup gets simple with knowing two ways of doing this:

  1. Tivo set up with the home’s ethernet
  2. Installing the Tivo box with the Moca network via the Tivo bridge. refer to these diagrams to understand the installation for your home.

First setup router, Moca network, adaptor, and modem as per the diagram. connect Ethernet and coax into DVR and then open settings>network>change network settings on the TV screen to activate Tivo Moca. Then connect the coax cable to the Tivo box. Now you to stream Tv on mobile anywhere around the home download the Tivo app.


Tivo initial setup

Step 1:

Now review and accept service terms. Then choose your country. Your Tivo device comes already activated. For this, you must have purchased from the Tivo store on the Online Tivo site.

 In case it is bought from another retail store then visit Then select the TV aspect ratio. There are two options available. 16:9 widescreen or 4:3 classic screen (4:3).

Choose Your space. Please ensure that the DVR and router are in the same room.

Step 2:

Now, select video outputs. If you know the video formats your TV is compatible with then choose your desired from the list and choose to continue.

If not then select ‘Test Formats’ and thereby follow on-screen instructions to find accurate formats. Please Press continue.

Now enter your area ZIP code or Postal code. Select your TV programming source be it basic card or CableCARD or Antenna if you using a digital antenna as your programming source

Tivo Network setup

Step: 3

Now install the Cable CARD. But skip completely this step if you’re using an Antenna. In case, you have already a CableCARD then insert it into DVR. Then, call your cable service provider. By this, he will activate the card and pair the card with your DVR.

Otherwise, if you are not having the Cable CARD then follow on-screen instructions to complete setup with CableCARD.

Choose network type. Then select as per your network from wired, wireless or MoCA wired.

Step 4:

Now, Enter the network name and password. Then, select the name for your DVR from the list dropdown or just enter your name. And select a cable provider and accurate lineup for your area

Then, from the pop-up, choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ (Do you receive premium channels). Get your initial program information and when a prompt arises on-screen, Press the Tivo button from the remote of the Tivo device to complete the Tivo setup.

Now the Tivo device will automatically do the software update. That’s all and you are ready to enjoy all features of the Tivo device.


While doing the Tivo installation there might some issues you can face. You had followed the step-by-step guided help for the Tivo step, still, Tivo is not installed, diagnose with Tivo troubleshooting measures.Here are the Tivo installation errors and their troubleshooting:

  1. Check if the modem and router are on and plugged in. Try any other device and plug that in the modem and router switch. See if they are getting a power supply.
  2. See if all the cables are plugged in the appropriate ports. Every cable has its own sign and name on every port.
  3. Reboot your modem and router. For this, plug off, and after a few seconds plug on the modem and router
  4. Check if any other device is working with your current internet. Use your mobile, and connect it with the same internet as of Tivo device. And check if the internet is working on your phone or not.
  5. Reboot your Tivo device. To do this, Restart your Tivo device. Power off and then power on after a few minutes

Tivo remote setup

Set your preferences, choose and personalize your remote and Tivo settings with Tivo remote setup. On the right-hand side on the upper corner of your TV, open settings. From there open messages.

Choose Remote and go to CableCARD and devices. Open Remote control setup and enter your preferences here. Next choose set TV power, volume, and mute option. Choose your Tv brand from the drop-down list.

 Now follow on-screen instructions. If multiple code display on the TV screen and the first code does not work then repeat all process and enter each code simultaneously to remote setup

How to Pair Tivo remote

  1. To pair Tivo remote press the Tivo icon button on the top of the remote and the TV pwr button altogether for 3 seconds.
  2. You will see the red light on the top of the remote will start showing.
  3. Now press the thumbs down button and press enter.
  4. Now that it had link three times, the Tivo remote has been paired successfully. If you press any button suddenly then Remote will start repair.


Step 1:

To activate the Tivo service, write down the Tivo service number. Open in your web browser. Enter your Tivo account user name and password. You can also create a new Tivo account if you do not have one. Wait for a while

Step 2:

Power on Tivo mini and connect it with the power source. Make the DVR connection with the home network. For that, you can use an Ethernet cable or a MOCA connection. Both ports are available at the back of the Tivo device. At the back of the Tivo device, connect the power source. Use the HDMI port for Moca/ethernet port for the network.

Step 3:

Once you make all these connections, on a TV screen you will see a welcome note. Choose your country from drop-down arrows from the remote. Select network type ethernet/Moca. Press OK from the remote and the device will start making a network connection.

Step 4

Once has done, Press the Tivo icon from the remote to choose your favorite shows to play and enjoy watching!

Tivo Bridge setup

  1. First, connect one end of the ethernet cable into Tivo Bridge and another end to the router or modem-router combo.
  2. Now find your Coax cable. Usually, you will find these cables to the places where you placed your TV, or sit at a desk.
  3. Connect that coax cable into modem or modem router combo
  4. Then power on the Tivo Bridge. Plug the power cord into the power socket
  5. After this, find the second coaxial cable and plug that into the second port of the Tivo Bridge
  6. Connect your second ethernet cable into the Tivo bridge port and Tv device or gaming console.
  7. Now that everything is set up, you must see the light’s power on the Tivo bridge device.

Configure Tivo Bridge network settings

Once you have connected all coax cables and power on the Tivo bridge for the Tivo bridge setup, you can configure network settings for the Tivo Bridge.

Follow these steps for Network setup for Tivo bridge:

  1. On your TV screen, open setting and messages
  2. Open Network settings and choose to change network settings
  3. Select MoCA and then choose Turn on MoCA on
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