Guided Tivo install


Guided Tivo setup with steps to install Tivo with installation guide. Setup network for Tivo with Ethernet or Moca.



Setup checks- What do you need and why

  1. Check your Tivo account if you have activated your Tivo account.
  2. You can create an account if you do not have one.
  3. In the same Tivo, the account can connect to the 12 Tivo devices.
  4. Check your internet connection.
  5.  Your TIvo mini must be on the same network as of subnet as the host.
  6. A good internet speed is a must it must be high bandwidth ethernet or Moca.

Steps to set up Tivo Mini setuptivo mini setup

  • For Tivo setup, Visit to activate your Tivo service. Enter your Tivo service number. That is on the pack of Tivo box
  • Log in with your Tivo account name and password. If you do not have one, you can create a new Tivo account.
  • Once you log in with your Tivo account after entering the Tivo service number wait for 15 minutes.
  • Before following the above process please connect the DVR with the home network.
  • You can connect using an ethernet cable or Moca network setup.
  • In Your Tivo Mini, there are two-port named MoCA and Ethernet port.
  • Insert cables in ports are per your requirement. Insert HDMI cable into HDMI port of the Tivo mini.
  • Connect power cord in power port. On your Tv screen, you will see the message Starting up.
  • Now press up and down arrow keys t select your country.
  • Then you will see the message ‘ you are about to begin guided setup, which prepares the Tivo box fr use in the United States.
  • This typically takes less than 30 minutes. Press Ok to begin your country-specific guided setup for Tivo mini.
  • Now select your home network hookup Moca or ethernet port.
  • Once you select your network type it will take 3-5 minutes to complete the network setup for Tivo.
  • You will see a message on your Tivo congratulation your Tivo installation is complete. Pair you’re tivo remote and it’s all done

4 Steps to Setup Tivo mini Premiere Q

1. Select ‘Allow Live TV sharing’stream live tv on tivo mini

Get live Tv on Tivo mini by selecting the ‘Allow live tv on other devices’ setting on Tivo premiere Q DVR. You can select as many devices as you want. It depends upon the TV tuners your Tivo Premiere Q can share. Just remember after this you cannot record shows premiere Q

1. Choose ‘settings & messages’. Then ‘Settings’, further ‘remote,cable card, & devices’
2. Select ‘Allow Live TV on other devices to get your favorite on-air shows on Tivo mini

2. Check the Tivo DVR network connection

Check if the Tivo premiere Q is connected with the internet either via wired connection or coaxial cable. In option 1 Tivo DVR is connected to the open port to on router or ethernet jack using an Ethernet cable as shown in the picture
Or Tivo DVR is connected with coaxial cable from cable/MoCA port at the back of Tivo Premiere DVR. Check if using this option then Moca setup is enabled.

3.Connect with the Tivo device. Open ‘Settings & Messages/ then ‘Settings’ and ‘Network’ with ‘connect to the Tivo service now

tivo dvr network setup

4. Last step doing the Tivo Mini setup

Now Turn on Tv to see the initial Tivo welcome screen. Upon seeing, begin the guided setup and follow on-screen instructions. Sometimes the welcome screen does not show up. Then use the input source from the TV remote. Or just press the TV/video button on the remote to select the right audio/video input source on your TV

facing issue in the Tivo Mini setup? Lets diagnose

Issue: No video output


1. Select the correct video source for the TV.
2. Check if all cables are securely connected. If not, check and secure the cables appropriately.
3. Change video output in the Tivo mini. Find the resolution button located at the bottom of the Tivo mini. each time you press the button, your output resolution will change
4. Keep on pressing the resolution button till the time it is accepted by the TV. Wait for a few moments. In this time, the TV will adjust with a new resolution


unable to stream Live TV from my host DVRhere is how you fix it
Not able to stream recordings from my host DVR or another DVR on my network
My TiVo Mini times out of Live TV
I don’t see video on my TV screen
It is slower when I change the channel


before you move towards make sure you have fulfilled all the requirements. read the above text to see if you have done the Tivo mini setup accurately.

1. unable to stream Live TV from my host DVR

If the Tivo device is already activated then in 24 hours, make a connection on Tivo mini. Also, check if you can tune the channel from your host DVR. Verify if the host DVR or Tivo mini is not having any sort of network congestion. It is necessary that hosts DVR and Tivo mini are connected to the same network. You need to see if the Tivo mini and host DVR are connected to Ethernet or using a Tivo MoCA connection.

Ecept from above, check that you can tune channel directly from host DVR. Both Tivo device and host DVR aer connected via Moca or ethernet. Also, is your host DVR is able to stream maximum parellel streams. Also, see if the streaming content is copy protected.

2. Not able to stream recordings from my host DVR or another DVR on my network

If this the issue, first check if you can tune the channel from your host DVR. And both of your Host DVR and Tivo mini must be using the same internet connection or Moca/ethernet. Although Tivo DVR hosting Tivo mini is capable of wireless connection. But it is always recommended to use an ethernet/Moca connection to stream. You can use Tivo wifi 5 adaptor with Tivo mini vox

After following the above measures, check this also. Is your host DVR is performing simultaneous streams to its full capacity? With this, see if the content playing copy-protected from the host. Any recording which is streaming must be recorded for 45 seconds.

Check if your activated devices both Host DVR and Tivo mini are activated in the last 24 hours. To check this, make a test connection on the host DVR.

Still, above-mentioned measures do not work for you then consider contacting Tivo support

3. My TiVo Mini times out of Live TV

That is quite natural and activated in most smart TVs nowadays. Your Tivo streaming times out every after 4 hours of non-activity. In this case, Tivo asks you with a prompt if you are still watching the program. So, if prompt arises, press select yes from remote to continue watching

4.  I don’t see video on my TV screen

video not playing

check if power is on to your Tivo device
Then press the power button on your Tivo remote to make sure it is off from standby mode
After this, see if the video cable that includes HDMI-composite-component-s video-coax are inclined from DVR output to the TV input
Turn power off-on to see video signal is passing through a VCR-DVD/ AV receiver
Verify your input setting by pressing the TV/video/Input/source button
When you locate the button, check the input setting. Sometimes it is on remote or on Tv. Make input channel 0/1/2
Make sure all the cables are in good condition.

5. It is slower when I change the channel

A lag is expected when you change the channel. the reason behind it when you stream Live tv via Tivo mini then there is a slight time delay. Because this happens for setup and buffering for the next channel