Guided Tivo install


Guided Tivo setup with steps to install Tivo with installation guide. Setup network for Tivo with Ethernet or Moca.



Tivo Moca setup comes useful when you want to connect the Tivo device with the currently available network.  Moca setup is part of your Tivo setup so use the below-mentioned instructions to set up the Moca network with the Tivo bridge.
Preliminary checks:tivo moca setup
Make sure all the splitters on the Moca network must be 1650 or higher. It is mentioned on the label as mentioned in the image:

Tivo Moca setup options

You can connect the Tivo device to the existing Moca network or connecting the Tivo device to the tuning adaptor to an existing Moca adapter. Both are mentioned here:

1. Connect Tivo device to an existing Moca network

tivo moca network setup

  • Plug the one end of the ethernet cable into the Tivo Bridge and another end to the ethernet port at the back of the Tivo device
  • Also, connect one end of the coax cable into the Tivo bridge and another end into the Tivo device coax cable port

2. Connect the Tivo device and tuning adapter to the existing Moca network

tivo moca setup

  • You can use the two-way splitter that comes with a Tivo bridge device. or use the three-way splitter to eliminate some cords.
  •  First, eliminate the coax cable from the Tivo device
  • Then connect the coax cable from the wall to the coax splitter.
  • Now take that coax cable from the coax splitter and attach its one end into the tuning adapter and another end to the Tivo device
  • After this, plug the USB cable from the tuning adapter into the Tivo device.
  • The Tivo bolt users must connect the USB cable to the top USB port
  • Power n the tuning adaptor with the use of a power cable.

How to do Network setup for Moca

  • Change your network settings. On the Tv screen, from Tivo remote, open settings and messages.
  • choose network settings and opt for change Network settings
  • Select the Moca and further chose Tuen Moca.
  • For Series 3 and earlier DVRs pen settings and messages, settings, network, change network settings, use this DVR to create a Moca network or join the Moca network

Note: It is recommended that you choose default network settings. Now check if you can connect to the home network.
And voila! you have just done the Moca network setup.

Why my Tivo not working

Before troubleshooting your Tivo device, you must check the network issues first that may occur on your TiVo device.

  1. Check complete power plugs: You need to check that all the power plugs should be connected to the supply. You can check it by observing the red indicator on the adapter.
  2. Check all the wires: You need to check whether the Ethernet cable is properly plugged into the router or not.
  3. All the connections made to DVR should also be properly checked.
  4. If you are using any additional device to connect your TiVo to the TiVo com activate or internet service, then check the connections of that device as well.
  5. Restart your Modem and Router: For this follow the steps mentioned below:
  6. Unplug both the devices from the power supply and wait for 10 seconds. Reconnect your modem and router to the main supply and turn it on again.
  7. Now go to the next step.
  8. Check your internet by connecting another device to it: Try to open any website or page from another device that is connected to the same internet connection. This will diagnose your internet connection. If no page is opening on the device, then it means that there is some problem with your network. In such a case, you don’t need to call the TiVo customer service number but call your internet service provider for help.
  9. If you are able to browse the contents from another device, then the problem lies within the TiVo device or you may not have done TiVo set up properly on your network.
  10. Check the signal strength of your wireless network by observing the indicators on your router and modem.
  11. If you have recently done one of the below-mentioned things, then you need to reconfigure the TiVo device on the network.

How to fix Tivo Moca setup issues

If your Tivo device is connected via the Moca network you might face some issues in connection. Therefore example your Tv would show code C33 or N02.
Here C33 means no Moca signal absent. Whereas N02 ditactesMoca settings are not happening because of incompatible connected devices. So keep the all
oca channels on Auto function and then restart the tivo devices and network